Insonus Productions is a company that creates and develop artists and  support their craft and career in their respective industries. The company is comprised of different departments each focused on various professionals for specific services and is led by a Division Head trained and experienced in their respective fields with management specialties. Each departmemt’s members are trained and evaluated regularly. 


To pursue excellence in the production of talents and their creations authored with bonafide passion and skill


We envision to create a community and environment for individuals that practices true passion in their craft through creating a channel that supports them in their music career so they can further focus in honing their artistry and expertise. 


The division is a music production department that aims to create songs, recording, compositions and materials needed by our talents. This division is comprised of artists and managers such as Music Producers, Composers, Audio Engineers, Artist Managers and many more.

A team of performers and developers that are trained and are qualified DJs in their own right. They are tasked to train, develop and innovate for their craft and the DJ industry. Members are given the option to train for management or partnered with the Insonus Artist Management teams.


The ensemble is a team of vocal artist ranging from recording artist for songs, sample generation, performers, dub artists and MCs for events. Official members are given access to studios tailored for vocal artists for recordings and rehearsals.



Insonus Productions was founded on 2014 by an artist named Casper Necor and a recent artist manager and music producer, Richmond Abainza. The two formed a team of artists and performers to developed skills both current and new. Since then the team has performed in various functions and produced tracks. 

In the following years the company partnered with R2N Audio, a professional lights and sounds company, which allowed the team to expand on projects and gigs. On 2015 the company logo was created by Candace Cortez who later on partnered with the production and formed the Court of Creatives.