How It All Started

For consecutive years, there was an annual music expo and convention which was the EMEX event held by leading music production groups in the metro. The founding members discovered themselves there, but to be honest it all started way back in high school in School of Saint Anthony.

Two of the founders of Insonus Productions was from the same school, different batch which was funny because we never met nor talked in all our high school years. It's a small world out there I thought, Sparce is a Physicist and I was an IT.

We never talked in that event but both of us knew that that guy was familiar. Sparce won the raffle in the event, a powerful VST from Izotope - Break Tweaker. I was intrigued as to what the vst was and how it worked so I messaged him on Facebook and asked about him. Still too familiar I asked him if we went from the same school and he replied with:

"Sabi ko na nga ba taga SSA ka eh" - Casper Necor

which roughly translates to: I knew it, you were from SSA

That chat started all this. What came after was challenge after challenge. 3 years later both of us still works together and have gone through more problems than we bargained for, but hey I'm still alive right? All those times I still haven't learned how to drive...

Insonus Productions

The production was a by-product of a collaboration between Sparce and me (Mon Abainza). Sparce is definitely an excellent DJ, producer, remixer and instrumentalist. I on the other hand is a composer who then later learned how to sing (kind of). I was stronger on the design and marketing side of the industry and fell for the most loving art I came to love, Music. Most of our work needed more talents and we became a group and then a team and now a production.

The Team

Insonus' team grew fast over months although we only had a few members, the ones that stayed and the ones that are active are extremely dedicated to their craft. Most of the members has developed skills they did not even know they had. From DJs to Singers, from Music Producers to Graphic Designers. Our team grew and will continue to do so.

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