Designing a Studio

Our production is mainly reliant to studios and spaces that are valuable to our artists and their craft. One of our studios were created midway on developing our artists so we were definitely challenged because I chose a surprising option for us, we opted to "DIY" a music studio. I did this with the thought that investing in my own studio was cheaper and better for the long run. I had little background in this subject and to be honest, getting a pro was out of budget. This studio was intended for personal use but ended up becoming a vocal studio and a composition studio for artist. Here are some of my studio needs;

  • Vocal Booth

  • Composition Booth

  • Minimal Amount of Equipment

  • Sound Proofing

  • Custom Lighting

  • Room Acoustics

  • Mini Library

  • Storage (For documents and equipment)

  • Collaborative Space (Where a fellow producer can function within the studio)

I already had my music equipment available so the primary challenge was the actual facility design and the fact that I only had minimal knowledge of the fundamentals of sounds or acoustics for that matter so please bear with me.

The Walls & Ceiling

Walls that were built to be soundproofed generally took a couple of days to complete. and a week or less for the divisions. I intended to have a division for a Vocal Recording booth that can accommodate a trio in one go. Wedges on the wall were setup to create a bass trap. The Ceiling also was designed for acoustics and on the sides, we installed a mini air ducts for the booth.

The Color Scheme

I opted for a color that won't over stimulating to artists so they can be relaxed in this space. The palette is custom mixed so I can't really give the exact colors. I went for the colors of wood and chocolate as I've always pictured my studio as I dreamed of having one of my own.

The Lighting Setup

I knew I would be taking a lot of pictures in the lifetime of this studio. I wanted to be able to control the lighting from different angles so I opted to get as much as I could. A utility light in the middle of the room which I generally use, an array of pin lights from different angles which would be a choice of warm light and white light from different angles and spot lights on the edges for that dramatic angles maybe for that excellent selfie results (no filter).

The Finished Setup

After working on the acoustic foams, table setup, cable managements and hours and hours of organizing my studio later. The studio is now operable at cut cost because we ended up doing a lot of DIYs that saved our budget. The studio is still upgrading every chance it gets, a lot of stories and projects was completed in its state now. Hoping for fruitful collaborations and memories especially from my team.

For inquiries please contact Insonus Productions, services and rates will be posted soon!!

Official members if Insonus has special access to this facility, enjoy artists!!

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